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Why Your Natural Deodorant Isn't Working

Have you ever thought about switching to a natural deodorant? Or maybe, you already use one, and you're not exactly satisfied? It turns out that making the switch involves one additional step that many of us may be missing.

A few years ago, I decided to switch to a natural deodorant that didn't have any nasty chemicals or toxins; essentially, one that aligned with my values. I was using clean skincare products, so why was I stuck on my old deodorant? At the time, I was working at a health food place that carried a few there. I picked one up and decided to try it out.

After I walked to work, it felt the same as any other deodorant, but I noticed I didn't smell fresh after a few hours, even after I reapplied. I knew that some natural products like deodorant and shampoo had a transitional period where your body needs time to adjust, so I decided to wait it out.

Eventually, I bought a few other ones after using up the first one and honestly, I was still having the same problem. That was until I discovered the one essential step I was leaving out...detoxing my underarms! You may be thinking, huh? I felt the same way until a friend of mine explained that I needed to detox my underarms after years of build-up from the deodorant I was using before. It turns out the aluminum in many antiperspirants clogs your pores (among many other ingredients), and over time it can cause a build-up of product that doesn't wash away easily. Blech!

After I heard this, everything made sense. No wonder I struggled to find a natural product that worked when my underarms needed to be detoxified!

When I got home, I did some research, and I found a number of recommendations that suggested using a clay mask with apple cider vinegar (in a pinch, using only apple cider vinegar can help, but the clay mask makes this method more effective). 

I mixed apple cider vinegar with a clay mask I had lying around and applied it to my underarms, and let it dry. I washed it off after about 15 minutes and went on with my routine. When I used my deodorant, I noticed a huge improvement. I didn't notice any unwanted smell a few hours after application. Applying the mask to my underarms felt silly at first, but I didn't care anymore because it solved the issue I had been struggling to fix for months.

Even today, I still use this method every few months to get rid of the slight build-up that can still occur with natural deodorant. I would highly recommend using Nourish Beauty's Detox Clay Mask or the Purify Clay Mask with a few drops of apple cider vinegar instead of water!

A prime example that our products are so multi-purpose!

I hope this post is helpful to those of you that have been struggling with the transitional period that follows some natural deodorants. Not all of you may experience this, but it's beneficial to know what to do if this does occur to you or someone you know!

Let us know, have you experienced this before?

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