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How To Layer Your Skincare

To get the full benefits out of your skincare products, follow the golden rule: always apply from thinnest to thickest. Why? The lighter the product, the faster it absorbs into the skin. More liquid-y products like toners, essences and serums come first and any oil-based products / creams are applied last. If you want to see the best results from your routine, follow this order!

Layering your products correctly guarantees the best possible absorption and ensures that you’re getting the most out of your products. Think about it — why would you use a luxe facial oil only to then wash it away with a cleanser? 😅

Here’s a breakdown of the correct order you should be applying your skincare products, morning and night: 

Step 1: Cleanser - cleansing balms and oil based cleansers are great for removing "skin baggage" and oil impurities that water-based cleansers won't be able to remove. 

Step 2: Face Mask - You don't need to use a face mask every day/night but when you do use them, apply after cleansing. Use an exfoliant 2-3 times weekly (depending on your skin type). Our Detox and Purify clay masks double as gentle exfoliates too. 

Step 3: Toner / Essence / Facial Mist - You don't need to use all 3 but if you use them, toner first and then essence. An essence is great for allowing all the products you use after to absorb better and brings moisture to the deeper layers of your skin. 

Step 4: Serum - Packed with active ingredients to target your specific skin concerns. This is the time when you would apply plant-based retinol alternatives and vitamin C products. Take the time to really pat the product into your skin and let it absorb and sink into your skin before applying your next product. 

Step 5: Eye Cream/Gel - Once your serum has absorbed, apply your favourite eye treatment. 

Step 6: Face Oils - Lock in all the hydration from your routine with a face oil. If using a moisturizer too, apply that first and then finish with your oil. Focus on using oils that are high in antioxidants in the morning to protect against free radicals. In the evening, use oils that are hydrating and nourishing to support collagen production and boost skin while you sleep. Use Hydrate in the AM + Restore in the PM.

Step 7: SPF - AM only! Don't forget to protect your skin from the sun every single morning. A sunscreen that also protects against blue light and environmental damage (free radicals) is ideal. 



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