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Signs That You Have Sensitive Skin

When you think of sensitive skin, you might classify it as skin that gets easily irritated, but your skin might not actually be as sensitive as you think. 

Many of us have had a skin reaction to a product or ingredient at some point or another. Or your skin may not be able to tolerate certain ingredients but that doesn’t necessarily mean your skin type is sensitive.

Read on to learn more about sensitive skin, what it is, how to tell if you have it, or if your skin needs a little extra TLC.

Did you know there’s a difference between sensitive skin and sensitized skin? Sensitive skin is reactive skin, that tends to react to skin care, fragrances, harsh ingredients. Whereas sensitized skin is more of a momentary skin condition that can be affected by weather changes, stress, UV exposure, pollution or a compromised skin barrier. 

Another tell tale sign is if you have food allergies, eczema, or are more prone to breakouts — since these skin conditions can often (but not always) coexist with sensitive skin. 

Whether your skin is sensitive or temporarily sensitized, you’ll want to treat it the same way. 

  • Avoid harsh chemical-actives like retinol, harsh exfoliates and AHAs. 
  • Provide extra hydration (in the winter it’s especially important to add facial oils to your routine or mix them in with your moisturizer to help protect your skin barrier). 
  • Don’t use products with artificial fragrances.
  • Less is more. Avoid using too many products while your skin is in a flare-up. Also, choose products that have minimal ingredients. 

You can also treat your sensitized skin by working to repair and strength your skin barrier. Read our blog post on how to repair your skins moisture barrier. 

Use products with hero ingredients that are known to soothe and calm sensitive skin, such as green tea — a powerful antioxidant that’s great for calming redness and soothing stressed skin. Our Detox Clay mask is formulated with Matcha Powder. If your skin is feeling extra sensitive or sensitized, we recommend mixing one part raw or Manuka honey (instead of water) with one part Detox to further help with inflammation and encourage healing. 

Jojoba oil does wonders for soothing, making it ideal for those with sensitivity (including skin irritations likes eczema ad psoriasis). Because of its gentle nature, it can also help to reduce future flare-ups and balance natural oils. 

Ceramides are another amazing ingredient that can help to repair the skins barrier and keep it protected and hydrated, allowing it to better defend itself. 

Lastly, always wear SPF to avoid UV exposure and sunburns that can lead to further sensitivity and rashes. Choose a lightweight, non-toxic mineral sunscreen that won’t irritate your skin. We love the one from cocokind

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