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Ingredient Focus: Maracuja (aka Passion Fruit)

Maracuja, or more commonly known as Passion Fruit is a relatively unknown super fruit to most when it comes to its rich skincare benefits. So, we wanted to shine the spotlight on magical maracuja oil: one of the star ingredients in our Restore Facial Oil. 

Native to Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina, maracuja oil is extracted from the seeds of the fruit and provides so many amazing benefits not only for your skin, but also your health, body, nails and hair. 

Naturally high in antioxidants to fight the effects of environmental damages like pollution and UV damage. Rich in vitamin C as well as linoleic and oleic essential fatty acids, which is vital for skin health and reducing dark spots and uneven skin tone. Linoleic acid keeps the skin moisturized, making it ideal for dry, flaky, dehydrated and acne prone skin. The natural anti-inflammatory properties are also great for sensitive skin and skin irritations likes eczema and psoriasis. 

Maracuja repairs damage, preserves and promotes collagen production and elastin to tighten and smooth skin. Special enzymes in maracuja help dissolve excess sebum and impurities to balance oil production and is especially effective at soothing dry skin, providing nourishment and hydration without clogging pores. 

In order to fully nourish and restore your skin, using the highest quality maracuja is key. We use 100% pure, raw and unrefined maracuja seed oil, which is cold-pressed and minimally processed to ensure your skin is absorbing the highest quality, nutrient-rich and authentic-to-nature oil. Retaining it's true colour, scent, vitamins, antioxidants and healing properties. 

When using Restore, gently massage a few drops evenly onto your face, neck and chest. Using this oil as the final step in your skincare ritual ensures your skin receives the most benefit and seals in moisture to keep your skin barrier protected and healthy.


Your hair and skin share similar nutrient needs, which means that the benefits of maracuja also extend to the rest of your body including your hair, cuticles, eyebrows + eyelashes! Collagen keeps your skin plump and firm, and can also strengthen your hair, preventing it from splitting and breaking. Linoleic acid is essential for a healthy scalp and promotes hair growth, which is great for your brows and lashes too! Use a few drops to massage or brush into your brows nightly to keep them conditioned, smooth, and fluffy.

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