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The Best Hacks to Maintain Dewy Skin All Winter Long

Bundling up in the winter is one thing, keeping your skin moisturized and hydrated is a whole other task. Winter is especially harsh on our skin (harsh winds, indoor heating..) so focusing on deep hydration, nourishment and protection against dry, cold air is key to maintaining dewy skin even in the colder months. 

Just because the seasons change, it doesn’t mean that your skin has to. The key to maintaining that dewy, hydrated skin all year round is making sure you tailor your routine seasonally. To keep your skin glowing and dewy all winter, we’re sharing our top tips and skin care hacks to keep that pesky dry skin under control...

Switch to facial oils or mix your moisturizer with oils. In the drier months, more times than not, your moisturizer just doesn’t cut it and won’t give your skin the deep hydration that it needs. When it’s cold and dry out, that means there is no moisture in the air, so the air looks for places to pull that moisture from (which ends up being your skin). Because of this, you’ll want to use oils that will lock in moisture way longer than water-based moisturizers and will protect your skin against harsh winds and environmental damages. Move toward oils that act as occlusives (ingredients that create a physical barrier on the skin to prevent trans epidermal water loss and lock in hydration) such as argan, camellia and jojoba oils. 

If you’re new to face oils, start with mixing a few drops into your moisturizer. This will provide that extra nourishment and protection that your moisturizer is missing. 

Both our Hydrate and Restore oils are formulated with ingredients that work together to deeply nourish your skin, while preventing premature signs of aging and giving your skin the extra boost of moisture it craves. 

Packed with organic camellia and jojoba oils, Hydrate works to moisturize and fortify your skin’s natural barrier by effectively protecting it from winter stressors. Just add a few drops (with or without moisturizer), to bump up its ability to smooth and calm your skin. For best results, we recommend using Hydrate in the AM and Restore in the PM. 

Layer up the hydration. Layering your products in the correct order is the key to product efficiency and will ensure you’re getting the most benefit out of your products (blog post here). In the colder months, layer more hydrating products, and add serums with ceramides and vitamin C into your routine (if you don’t use them already). Our skin naturally produces ceramides, but they deplete as we age. Outside of natural aging, our ceramide levels can also be depleted by dry heat, cold weather and other winter stressors, which can leave your skin feeling especially dry and dull. Ceramides are an important part of restoring your skin’s health and maintaining optimal hydration, especially in the winter. Enter our Resurface Retinol Alternative Serum. Formulated with Carrot Tissue oil, high in skin-mending vitamin A, collagen-boosting vitamin C and moisturizing vitamin E, to help repair damage. With added Niacinamide, working to boost the barrier function by increasing the production of ceramides in the skin — strengthening and protecting the skin barrier. 

Mask multiple times a week. Force feed your skin as much moisture and nourishment as you can this time of year, and we like to do that by masking before we apply our serums and oils. If you’re going to use clay masks, make sure to only use them once or twice a week, and fill in the masking gap with other moisturizing masks, or sleep masks. 

Use a humidifier. When it gets cooler, the water in our skin evaporates quicker, leaving skin feeling especially dry. Not only do these cool temps suck moisture from the skin, but so does indoor heating. Combat this by using a humidifier, increasing the moisture levels in the air and alleviating winter skin issues. You also don’t have to break the bank when it comes to purchasing a humidifier — look for smaller sized ones that still do the trick without spending all your $. Run them while you're working at your desk, or winding down for bed in the evenings. 

Mist often. Such an easy way to add a boost of hydration to your skin throughout the day! Carry your fave facial mist in your purse when you’re out and about or keep a bottle on your desk to remember to spritz often for instant hydration. Make sure to look for ingredients that are going to feed your skin barrier — such as ceramides, lipids and humectants. Mists with aloe leaf juice are great for fighting dull, dry skin. 

Exfoliate regularly (but gently). Generally a lot of us have drier skin in the winter — causing dead skin cells to build up quicker, leading to duller skin (and possibly more breakouts). Exfoliating regularly will slough off those dead skin cells and sweep away acne-causing toxins and bacteria. Remember to be gentle. Using our Detox or Purify clay masks will not only gently exfoliate your skin but will leave skin feeling smooth, radiant and nourished. When used weekly, they work to improve collagen production, refine skin texture, reduce redness, inflammation and blemishes. 

Bottom line, even though winter can be harsh on your skin, doesn’t mean you have to settle for dry, patchy skin. If your skin is feeling dull or needs a little extra TLC, try out our hacks to give your skin that dewy, healthy glow all winter long. 

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